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Some Basic but probably interesting info about shirts

What is a shirt
a garment made with cotton, silk or similar material for the upper body, with a collar and sleeves, and mostly with buttons down the front. is usually made of stretchable material, worn as smart formal, casual or for sports.

Some shirts are made to especially identify the user to a specific club such as a football club, it usually has a collar, sleeves and cuffs.

The World's Oldest shirt, discovered is a linen shirt from a First Dynasty Egyptian tomb at Tarkan 3000 BC the shoulders of the shirt and sleeves were pleated to allow the wearer room to move and was then an item of clothing that only men could wear as underwear, although the women’s chemise (a dress hanging straight from the shoulders) was similar to the men’s and only worn as underwear.

In the Middle Ages, and even during the early 1800’s, a visible shirt with nothing over it was considered very improper and the wearer would be scorned upon if seen in public.
In the late 1800’s the shirt started to become very popular and sometimes had lace and/or thrill’s on the cuffs and collar, along with decorative stitching and embroidery, especially along the front, and then in the late 1800's blue plain shirts began to appear, they were considered working shirts, for working lower-class people and thereafter, right up to the late 1900's, it was improper for a gentleman, to wear a blue shirt, however, in the late 1900’s wearing blue shirts gradually become accepted, even though the terinmoligy of "Blue & White Collar workers" still excist today. Today's casual designer wear is now accepted in most establishments where only a decade before a tie or bow tie was the norm.

There are numerous names and descriptions of various types of shirts.
Some are listed hereunder:-

There are many more types of shirts that are designed for the climate that they are to be used in and the countries fashion. More Info & Prices at the Click Here Button below

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