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During the 1990’s a small group of business leaders met at an international Rotary Meeting in London, it took a few years (until 2013) for the group of Rotarians to get together again so as to formulate their ideas and start to create this website, and then after much more discussion they agreed to share their business knowledge, contacts and expertise free, as long as it did not conflict with Rotary nor their business interests. Without there input this website would not of been possible.

Rotary Club Information "offer" since designing this website
The writer's, creator's of this website and the webmaster would be only to pleased to answer any questions that you would have about this website and Rotary and/or membership of Rotary, Especially as the webmaster of this website was a treasurer (7-years) during the 1990's with the Rotary Club of Barking and now currently the duties & responsibilities of a webmaster of the Rotary Club or Hornchurch & Upminster (since 2007) and recently 1-Jul-2018 appointed Executive Secretary/Director.
If you would like further information then please use either of the contact details hereunder:-
Colin Davies the webmaster of this website has been an active member in Rotary for over 40 years, joining Rotary whilst residing & building a business in Australia in the 70’s, and again when returned to the UK in the 80’s, during this period has provided time & services FREE in Oz & the UK (as do other Rotarians in other Rotary Clubs throughout the World) these FREE SERVICES are to help local Communities & contribute to Rotary Charities "local & International”, it is one of the principles of Rotary to give “Service above self”.
Mixing Fellowship with Business
Whilst enjoying the fellowship and organised business-like manner that Rotarians are so well known for, it gave the webmaster of this website the opportunity to build a business in Oz & the UK. It is pleasing to say that much of the confidence in those early years of creating a start-up business was gained from the fellowship that was born through mixing with fellow Rotarians and the contacts & information gained at various business meetings with fellow (business minded) Rotarians, and of course not forsaking the corporate knowledge and advice from fellow Rotarians as the business grew, evidenced in the owning and building of a Public Limited Company in Australia and now in the UK, it has been an exciting ride as a owner, MD & CEO of the following;-
Pleasingly the webmaster is financially secure and is glad to be able to contribute time FREE to maintain this website, which was initially setup to help fellow Rotarians with finding and recommending local tradesmen to work on Rotarians home’s building/decorating/gardening, etc. however, it then progressed to also providing the same free suggestions and recommendations outside our local area to other Rotarians in other Rotary Clubs, and then to also include products.
Products are what we will now concentrated mostly on this website, we have made sure that these products can be obtained easily throughout the UK and to add to this concept of free service, we have now allowed this website to go Public and service the general public in the UK as well.

We are a review site that may receive compensation (at no loss or cost to you) from companies whose products we have reviewed or may have suggest that you view on this web hosting site/pages, or other websites and there following pages.
We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.
The webmaster of this website is now partly retired from full time work, yet full of energy to maintain this website FREE in the hope of using his business and Computer Information Technology skills to help other people & business's in our great Nation to grow, prosper and enjoy the advantages & benefits of living in such a fantastic Country as ours.

Out of Little Acorns Mighty Oak Trees Grow
It is a desire and ambition of the webmaster of this website that as more and more people use the internet for their services/supplies, this website will grow successfully into being a useful searching tool for whom ever uses it, and by doing so provide a reliable search criteria of good products & services, either for individuals or business. it is destined to always remain FREE to use and we envisage its growth will reflect upon the initial charitable wisdom, suggestions and expertise initiated from a keen group of Rotarian Business People that suggest this website design during the 1990's.
Albeit, this website is not governed, managed or legally bound to The Rotary Movement or Organisation, it has only been mentioned to give you some idea of the type of charitable thinking by its members that has gone into its creation.
Consequently, The Rotary Organisation a truly wonderful organisation will always be high on this websites agenda to donate charitable funds, which we humbly request that you also consider too, with the link at the bottom of this page or at https://www.rotarygbi.org/donate/ .

What are our Goals
  • To provide FREE good quality purchasing advice to fellow Rotarians and the general public.
  • Display to the best of our knowledge the Features, Advantages & Benefits of advertised Products & Services in an easy to understand way.
  • Make it easy to search and find the Product & Services most appropriate to requirement.

  • Your help with our Goals would be most welcome?
    If you have had good service from a supplier in the UK or have good suggestions of products or services that you can recommend then please forward them to this website webmaster at colindavies@merchantscombined.co.uk so that we can then share your recommended experiences with others,
    (The Webmaster of this website will design and set up a web-page on this website "FREE" i.e. NO CHARGE to you or any other) after verifying and approving of your suggestions).

    Be great if you Helped us?
    If you like what we do you can link our website to yours and/or circulate our website link to your friends and/or on social media as it will help to make our website more Google friendly and increase our SEO thereby, helping to further promote our website and the FREE Services it provides.
    If you would like to visit our Rotary club as a guest then please contact us at webmaster@hornchurchrotary.org
    It is also very simple to receive an official invitation using the details on our club website at www.hornchurchrotary.org We also hold networking meetings once a month for local business people to meet and share ideas, business, sales contacts, etc. more information at www.networkingservices.co.uk where contact information is also available.

    Please Note!
    The content and data supplied on the following pages and/or on Products & Services should be readily available by searching the internet on a browser and have mostly been supplied by Rotarian UK Business doing just that, we would also like to say that if the products or services can be obtained from Amazon then we suggest that you use Amazon as we highly recommend Amazon for the ease in dealing with, i.e. there superb delivery and after sales service. Also our experience with Amazon is that they can be trusted, thereby, feel that you will also be happy with them as a supplier, albeit, there may be many that can not be supplied by Amazon, in which case we will then suggest an alternative supplier.

    “Free Knowledge & Experience”

    You may already be aware that Rotarians through out the World are mostly Business People and who contribute FREE an enormous amount of their time to Local & International Charitable events. More information can be found at www.rotarygbi.org
    you may also of seen Rotarians at various sponsored events, especially dressed as Father Christmas shaking a can of coins, these people would probably be Rotarians of a local Club to you and would have been providing there time free.
    If you are happy with the services provided by the Rotary movement and/or the free service provided on this website and would like to help the Charitable Rotary Organization, either with your time or a donation then please link to the Rotary Foundation at https://www.rotarygbi.org/donate/ or by Clicking of the Rotary Logo link below:- 

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